Our Process
With Unibilt, you have a dedicated workforce of experienced, caring professionals building your new home. We have developed a highly efficient and straightforward six-phase process:
Choose a Unibilt Builder from our network Choose a Unibilt Builder from our network
We have a network of experienced, independent building companies. Your builder will serve as your liaison to Unibilt. Click here to see the various roles your Unibilt Builder will fulfill.
Choose your floor plan and customize Choose your floor plan and customize
Use your plans, let us design a custom plan for you, or select from our highly customizable floor plans. Unibilt offers Ranch, Cape Cod and 2-Story style homes. We can even combine any of these to create a specialty style to meet your needs. From the mountains to lakefront living, tell us your dream… we’ll make it happen! Your Unibilt Builder has access to a growing library of over 100 Unibilt floor plans. Together, you’ll select one or two that have the design and flow you like best. We’ll work with you and your builder to develop and personalize a plan that’s best suited for your building site, budget and lifestyle.
Select your finishing materials Select your finishing materials
Unibilt offers a wide variety of finishing materials for the interior and exterior design of your new home. Add your personal touch to your home by selecting from countless choices of windows, doors, fixtures and finishes. Your Unibilt Builder will guide you through this process to make sure your unique needs and desires are met.
Finalize cost Finalize cost
Now that plans and finishing materials have been established, your Unibilt Builder can price out the cost of your new modular home, including all applicable site work, and develop a predictable time line for the construction process. Site work may include such items as foundation, HVAC, garage, decks and porches. They can also be a good resource and coordinator for financing.
Construction Construction
Your Unibilt Builder will begin coordinating required surveys, necessary permits and hook-ups. Site preparation begins and is synchronized with our manufacturing plant schedule. This decreases construction time because the foundation work and building fabrication are happening simultaneously. Rather than traditional on-site construction, assembly of your modular home happens within a secure, in-plant environment which allows us to use dry materials and adhesives. See the advantages to our weather-free approach.
Delivery Delivery
The various sections of your new modular home are carefully wrapped and expertly delivered to your building site for final assembly and weatherproofing by our experienced professional delivery team. See builders in action.

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