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Unibilt modular homes are designed and constructed in modular sections in an indoor, climate-controlled environment where there are no extreme weather delays. The finished modules are covered and transported to their new location where they are placed on your foundation by a Unibilt factory delivery crew. Because they are placed on permanent basement and crawl space foundations, they should not be confused with manufactured homes. Unibilt homes are permanent structures— “real property” that will provide your family with an incredible home that will hold its value. Once built, a Unibilt modular home is virtually indistinguishable from a site or stick-built house. Following are several benefits to owning a Unibilt Custom Home: See builders in action.


Your new Unibilt home arrives at its destination fully equipped reflecting your choices of cabinets, countertops, lighting and floors. View our manufacturing plant process here and sign up for a tour.


Choose from an ever-growing library of floor plans and personalize your home with countless options so that it fits your unique lifestyle. Because you’ve customized your choices prior to build, there are no surprises along the way. Read more about how you can customize your Unibilt home.


Unibilt constructs in our secure manufacturing plant environment by an experienced team, rather than at an open site. Your new home is built with precision tools, and exacting standards for consistent quality and reduced waste. Learn about our entire modular home construction process.


Because our homes are built in a controlled weather environment, materials stay dry during construction. This means that there is no warping of materials, and adhesives dry more evenly giving your home a tighter fit. Windows and doors are more plumb creating a stronger, tighter barrier against the outside weather.


Unibilt can get you into a new home on a fixed budget, within a predictable timeline. Your home is delivered to your site ready to anchor to your foundation, crawl space or basement in weeks, not months!


Our highly-skilled manufacturing team specialize in their craft, providing you with dependably high quality work on a controlled schedule. Unibilt homes are built to a residential code that meets both state and local building standards. Look inside our manufacturing plant to see our craftsmen in action.


Unibilt homes are environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency and the construction process. We minimize waste because excess materials are recycled in the factory. This minimizes landfill debris and results in less cost to you.


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