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Unibilt Builds Modular, PreFab, Factory Built Homes… and YES, They Are Highly Customizable!

Your new home is designed and constructed in modular sections (called boxes) in a climate controlled environment. In addition to the weather, we have complete control of both the building process and the building materials. You, the home buyer, have control of the look and livability of your new, custom home.

Here’s What We Can Do For You:
  • Offer over 100 floor plans as a starting point for your new home
  • Modify our existing plans to meet your needs
    Combine spaces for large open living areas
  • Adjust room sizes to meet your needs
  • Offer a wide variety of finishing materials for interior and exterior design
  • Add dormers, garages, porches … for the spaces you need and want
  • Design a custom floor plan just for you
You Can Have the Home You Want

To get started, browse the website for ideas and then visit a Unibilt Builder and model home sales center in your area. Or, contact us and we’ll help you find a Builder. It’s that easy!

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