Unibilt delivers and sets every home we build.

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Unlike many modular manufacturers, Unibilt employees deliver homes to customer sites with our company owned transporters and trucks. This eliminates a middle man or outside sub-contracted freight company as well as a sub-contracted set crew. Our professional team is headed by two individuals with over 60 years of combined delivery and set experience----all while employed by Unibilt. Unibilt is unique in that we not only set homes with the use of a crane (as others do) but also when feasible we can also place your new home on its permanent foundation by using “roll-on” equipment. This translates in to cost savings for our builders and customers. Savings in the thousands of dollars can be realized when the “roll on” method can be utilized. While this method of setting homes is not always feasible (two story homes must be set with a crane) we take every opportunity to save homeowners money when possible.

Just one more advantage to building a Unibilt custom modular home.  It is not only Better Built by Unibilt, it is better set and delivered with Unibilt!

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