Think of it as “Green only Browner”

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At Unibilt Custom Homes “Green” is more than a buzz word. We think in many shades of Green-------(not Grey!). Standard on every Unibilt home we build you will find EcoBatt® Insulation manufactured by Knauf. Knauf EcoBatt® Glasswool Insulation contains a high concentration of one of the world’s most abundant renewable resources---sand---and over 50% recycled bottle glass. Our insulation batts are cost-effective thermal and acoustical barriers for energy-efficient construction.

Every Unibilt home is built with 2x6 exterior wall framing at 16” on center.  We install EcoBatt® insulation in every wall cavity supplying an insulating value of R-21---- and that is standard in every home we build.  (Most home builders use R-19 insulation if building with a 6” exterior wall.)  Each batt is friction fitted eliminating the need for staples or other fastening of the insulation materials.  Our ceilings feature an R-38 unfaced EcoBatt® insulation to further reduce heating and cooling costs.

While our insulation isn’t the prettiest and its kind of brown not green (or pink) it contains no formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors.  It is made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals for greater sustainability.  Thinking Green is thinking brown when it comes to insulation, and at Unibilt we think “Green only Browner”.


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