Our use of foam adhesive on all exterior walls provides superior dry wall to wood adhesion with considerably less mechanical fasteners (nails or screws).

Unibilt Custom Homes uses a 2-part polyurethane foam adhesive system to attach our ½” drywall to wood framing in all ceiling systems as well as all exterior walls. This allows Unibilt to avoid the use of any nails or screws in the ceilings of our homes. No opportunity for screw and nail pops which commonly occur in traditional building methods. Our 2x6 exterior sidewalls also feature the use of the foam adhesive system with only minimal mechanical fasteners basically around the perimeter of door and window openings. These fasteners are predominantly covered by trim again minimizing the potential for unsightly screw and nail pops in the future. The extreme adhesive qualities of the 2-part foam assist in minimizing the occurrence of dry wall cracks due to settling as the home rests on the foundation.

Our foam adhesive is a high quality, foam adhesive system called Foamseal®  F2100 manufactured by ITW.  This product is specifically designed to attaché gypsum board to nominal lumber framing in walls and ceilings without the use of mechanical fasteners.  The product also acts as additional insulation, sealant and thermal break.  The product is is Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified and also contributes to LEED and other green building credits.

At Unibilt Custom Homes we take great pride in building our homes to truly last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.  No need to worry about nail pops in your ceiling…ever!  As an added feature the exterior walls of your new home also present very limited opportunity for nail pops due to our use of the Foamseal® adhesion system.  We build better and stronger with the latest technology which is why we say Better Built by Unibilt.


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