Modular construction at Unibilt guarantees that the materials used in your new home never are exposed to the elements.

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At Unibilt Custom homes all materials used in the construction of your new home are stored indoors, under roof and are never exposed to rain, ice, sleet or snow. Lumber, drywall, insulation, roof decking, floor decking and wall sheathing are always kept dry, either in our 85,000 square foot plant or in our 15,000 square foot warehouse. Our critical materials are delivered dry and kept that way.

Think of the importance of dry materials this way---Would you buy a car that was assembled in your driveway with parts that were delivered to your home and stored out in the rain?  Why would you buy a home that was assembled in that manner?  With modular construction your home is assembled in our indoor facility with materials that have NOT been exposed to the elements.  Next time you see a site built home with the framing exposed to a downpour, or a snow storm-----think modular! 

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