Halo LED Lights

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Energy saving LED can lights are now standard in every Unibilt home. Every home built by Unibilt Custom Homes comes equipped with energy efficient Halo LED ceiling can lights in the kitchen, walk in closets, pantries and utility rooms. Our Halo LED lights by Cooper Lighting/Eaton save up to $18 per year per fixture in energy costs. Each Halo LED can light features an Ultra-low profile surface with luminaire downlighting distribution. Not only does it save you energy each month but the fixtures and bulbs last up to 22 years----no more replacing bulbs every year at a cost of $5+!

Each Halo LED can light is dimmable and can be located in showers as well as any protected area.  Due to the increased lumen output of each fixture we have found that in many instances fewer fixtures are required than when using the traditional flood light can fixture used by most home builders.  Each fixture produces over 675 lumens while consuming only 13 watts of energy and they are Energy Star® compliant.  Less fixtures consuming less energy translates into energy savings for all Unibilt homeowners year after year.  Thinking Green is part of our culture at Unibilt.  Saving on energy costs for our homeowners is a part of that Green thinking.


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